Microscopic tooth treatment:
Microscopic tooth treatment:CANVA

In recent years, the dental industry has been experiencing a revolution, going in the direction of digital medical treatment. One of the more recent discoveries, which is noticeably improving the quality of dental treatment has been the dental microscope. This type of microscope has significant advantages and allows to perform non invasive micro surgery. This tool also has the ability to install dental implants without collateral damage or unnecessary cuts to the tooth.

What is a dental microscope?

•A dental microscope is capable of magnifying up to 25x an area which is undergoing treatment; this tool is capable of highlighting small details that would not be visible otherwise. This microscope enables the dentist to work in a more precise manner and to reach higher quality results, from an aesthetic point of view and also from a medical perspective.

•A dental microscope highlights the area that is being treated and noticeably improves the field of vision, as well as enlarging the area.

•This type of microscope provides HD quality within the camera and this permits to record the entire process of the dental treatment or procedure which is being performed.

There is no doubt that this microscope has several positive advantages to offer. It grants the ability to perform more accurate treatment, prevents unnecessary and continued treatment, grants higher quality results, prevents redundant invasive surgical procedures, provides a speedy healing process, but the biggest advantage of all is the preservation of tooth and gum health.

Dental treatment using a microscope

The dental microscope is capable of pinpointing what is not visible to the naked eye under regular circumstances. It is also capable of performing procedures and treatment exactly as it should be done.

Working with this kind of technology guarantees maximum protection of the tooth’s layers and minimum damage done to sensitive dental tissue. Good lighting is another asset that significantly improves field of vision; as well as the ability to digitally magnify teeth, which enhances treatment capacity, including regions that are difficult to access such as wisdom teeth.

Moreover, treatment that is carried out with a dental microscope, provides accuracy in dental implant procedures. Dental implants installed using a dental microscope achieves a more precise outcome and avoids bone absorption in addition to gum reduction within the area of the implant.This also increases the stability of the implant itself. Additionally, the microscope executes prime aesthetic results, especially regarding the frontal segment of the teeth, considering that it’s aesthetically crucial.

Approaching treatment under the use of a microscope

There is no replacement for the natural tooth itself. Therefore, a dentist will try to retain the natural disposition of the tooth as much as possible. In the case that retaining the natural tooth is not an option, the dentist will extract the tooth and displace the area with a dental implant.

“Microscopic Dentistry” is a new, efficient and promising method that has been introduced to enhance dental care. Microscopic treatment aids in preservation of the teeth and gums, which is based upon non-invasive procedures. The dental microscope provides more accurate vision during treatment. Consequently, it increases the success rates of the procedures performed, thus preventing long term failures over time.

What is the cost of dental microscopic treatment at the Gera Clinic Dental Implant Medical Center?

Dental treatments executed under a microscope are more expensive than conventional dental treatments. The costs are derived from the expertise and skill of the dentist, as well as the use of expensive and advanced technology. The final results of this advanced treatment are of higher quality and are more enduring. In conclusion, handling a dental microscope requires special training and skill in performing dental treatments, offering the finest dental treatment.

Courtesy of Gara Clinic, an innovative medical center for dental implants and oral rehabilitation in Tel Aviv.