Knesset Speaker Miki Zohar
Knesset Speaker Miki Zohar צילום: דוברות הכנסת - נעם מושקוביץ'

The Knesset Plenum is holding a discussion today (Monday) on proposals for the composition of the Arrangements Committee. The Yamina and Likud parties reached a last-minute agreement on the composition of the committee which will ensure the committee has a right-wing majority.

According to the agreement, Yamina will vote on the proposal which will ensure one representative in the committee for every five MKs. In return the Likud will transfer one representative from its quota in the committee to Yamina, so that Bennett's party will be represented by two committee members.

Earlier, MK Miki Zohar presented the Likud proposal and said: "We know that there is a certain structure for the Knesset and this structure must reflect the Knesset makeup. This proposal that I made today is a proposal that reflects the makeup of the Knesset in the most objective and accurate way."

According to Zohar, "The one who will decide the fate of this proposal today is Yamina. Today's vote by Yamina has one meaning, whether a left-wing government will be formed here together with Bennett as prime minister or whether a right-wing coalition will be formed here. In fact, Bennett today will not decide on the matter of the Arrangements Committee, but will decide who is going to form a government."

MK Meir Cohen presented the Yesh Atid party proposal and said: "Our proposal clearly and authentically reflects the balance of power as determined by the voter. At the end of day 57 is more than 52. Too much is heard here about left and right. I do not want to make a contest over who is more left and who is more right, I just want to say one thing, it may very well be that it is time we start talking about what is good for this country."

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