For over 30 years, the holy mekubal, HaRav Beniyahu Shmueli, shlita, has faithfully carried on the tradition of the Arizal with great self-sacrifice and love. Continuing in the manner holy Rabbis for over 1,000 years, HaRav Beniyahu ascends to Meron a full week before Log B'Omer with the Rabbanim of the holy mekubal yeshiva Nahar Shalom, and there they immerse themselves in Rashbi's Torah, devoting themselves day and night to studying the secrets of the Torah and its mystical interpretations, learning and praying every day, all day, all week.

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"The Rashbi's Torah, at the Rashbi's site, during the Rashbi's week."

Who can describe the incredible joy of completing the Holy Zohar hundreds of times over on the day of the holy Hillullah, a study that included the special order compiled by the holy Ben Ish Chai, ztz"l, specifically for the day of the Hillullah. Thousands of people come to learn and take part in the festivities celebrating the joy of Rashbi on this extraordinary day – the day Rashbi was blessed to reveal the phenomenal secrets of the Torah and the Holy Zohar, study that saves us from the pangs of Moshiach and in whose merit we will warrant a merciful and complete Geulah.

What do you find when you arrive at Meron? Everything is set up and waiting. Abundance and great joy are everywhere. Tents are lined up in an orderly fashion, there is appropriate lighting, restrooms, drinking water and full meals are supplied during the entire week, including a kitchen from which 25,000 meals are distributed on the day of the Hillullah for all who ascend to the holy site of the Rashbi's grave. The sounds of non-stop Torah study fill the air, together with prayers that ascend and tear open the very Gates of Heaven. Dozens of people have devoted innumerable hours in preparation of this holy day at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Everyone can participate! The entire event will be live-streamed so no one will miss out and all can feel and experience this lofty experience.

And now you have the opportunity to earn a bracha from Rabbi Shimon and take part in this mammoth event, dedicated in its entirety to the honor of Rashbi.

You, too, can give of yourself to Rabbi Shimon. You can partner with Rabbi Shimon and bring about yeshuot and nechamot, shefa bracha , nachat and hatzlacha (salvation and comfort, abundance of blessing, contentment and success) by giving a holy donation to help cover the vast expense of this hallowed occasion.

Rabbi Shimon does not neglect anyone! It is a tried and true segulah that anyone in need of salvation, anyone who acts and honors Rashbi, merits salvation in all of his needs.

The famous segulah of distributing Chai Roitel of beverage in honor of Rashbi is well known. This unique donation can break down all barriers, while multiple blessings can be attained by donating towards the distribution of Chai Roitel of fine wine to the thousands of Torah scholars who participate in the siyum of the holy Zohar.

Rabbi Shimon has the power to cancel all gezerot! On the day of his Hillullah this power is even stronger, as the Sages of the Gemara say, "It is worthwhile to rely on Rabbi Shimon in times of distress."

Everything is attainable and within reach on this holy day in honor of Rashbi: a shidduch, righteous children, a good life, health, prosperity, contentment, joy and happiness!

Do not let the opportunity of donating to Rabbi Shimon slip past you! Do not forego the chance to fill your hands with yeshua and bracha. The Gates of Heaven are open on the day of the holy hillullah!

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