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After Jewish activists launched a social media campaign to bring attention to a new Armani blazer that closely resembled the black and white vertical striped uniform worn by Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust, the Italian luxury fashion brand withdrew the clothing item.

The CEO of StandWithUs, Roz Rothstein, first tweeted a photo of the blazer earlier in the month, after it was seen in the display window of the Armani store in Beverly Hill, California.

There was also a photo of the jacket on Armani's Instagram page as part of the high end brand's 2021 Men's Collection.

In her post, Rothstein asked Armani to withdraw the blazer and to issue an apology.

"A better view of the new offensive Armani jacket displayed in Beverly Hills. Armani: apologize and remove it!" Rothstein tweeted on April 4.

Users replying to Rothstein's tweet were shocked and outraged, with one user describing the jacket as the latest example of shameful "Holocaust-chic."

Rob Bronstein tweeted, "I see (Armani) added lapels to make it look slightly palatable. Missing the yellow star of David. Intentional to soften the blow, or merely an oversight? Either way, it's appalling."

On Facebook, StandWithUs issued a statement. They called the blazer "distasteful" and called on Armani to withdraw "this insensitive 'style'."

"This is an awful look for anyone who cares about Holocaust memory or for anyone with their own personal memory of Nazi concentration camp uniforms that prisoners were forced to wear," the group wrote.

On April 13, StandWithUs stated that Armani had removed the jacket from stores.

"I want to personally thank (Armani) for removing this jacket from their collection! Thank you for being so responsive to our request and to our wonderful friend and activist, Janet Rosenblatt," tweeted StandWithUs.