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Israel's schools will return to their pre-pandemic routines this coming Sunday.

Under the new plan, all of Israel's educational institutions will fully reopen, from preschool through grade twelve, without divisions into smaller groups or restrictions on students mingling with those in other classes.

At the same time, several of the Health Ministry's pandemic guidelines will continue to remain in force, including those regarding mask-wearing, airing out classrooms, personal hygiene, and keeping as much distance as possible during class and recess, in the teachers' room, and during all school activities and off-campus activities.

Principals of middle schools and high schools (grades 7-12) will be able to implement a flexible learning system to reduce emotional, social, and academic gaps, using one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring sessions, integrated classrooms, and more.

The integrated classrooms can be in open areas within and outside of the school, using digital or distance learning for up to 20% of the weekly school hours, or up to one day each week.

Educators and classroom aides who have been given extra hours will continue their work in elementary schools and will become an integral part of the processes to close the gaps post-pandemic.

Teaching in centers for gifted children will resume in classrooms, and not only in open areas, as it has been up until now.

On Thursday, Israel's Health Ministry announced that beginning on Sunday, masks will not be required in open outdoor areas.