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Multiple swastika flags have been found in Windsor, Ontario, with two more discovered earlier this week.

The flags are designed to look like the Canadian flag, with two bands of red and a white centre. But instead of a red maple leaf over the white, the flags contain a red Nazi swastika.

Windsor police said that the latest two flags were found on the front lawn of a house and on the road near Windsor Regional Hospital, reported BlackburnNews website. The sign near the hospital is thought to have been placed there recently.

The paper signs are identical to similar sigs found last Tuesday on Tecumseh Road and last Wednesday on the lawn of Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare.

Another sign was found near Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare on Thursday.

A swastika flag was also found at a shopping complex last Tuesday.

Windsor Police said that the incidents are considered hate crimes. The morality unit is leading an investigation.

“These crimes will not be tolerated, and the Windsor Police works closely with our community partners to eliminate these incidents from our communities,” said Windsor Police in a statement on Tuesday. “The Windsor Police Service denounces all criminal acts, especially those that promote hatred toward anyone. They have a harmful impact on victims as well as the community.”

In a tweet, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies said, "We are disturbed by a campaign of swastika flags that have been found planted in public areas across Windsor over the past week. @WindsorPolice are investigating the incidents as hate-motivated crimes and are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the perpetrators."