Daycare center (illustrative)
Daycare center (illustrative) iStock

Israel Police has opened an investigation into a daycare worker in the southern city of Ashkelon, Maariv reported.

According to the report, the daycare worker, a 71-year-old Ashkelon resident, is suspected of abusing toddlers in her care. She was arrested Wednesday morning for an interrogation.

The investigation began last week, after parents filed a complaint suspecting that their two-year-old son who attends the daycare was being abused during his time there. In their complaint, the parents claimed that they suspect their son suffers abuse and violence after discovering bruises on his body several times upon collecting him from daycare.

The parents accessed the daycare's security cameras and passed them to the police as evidence. Footage supported the suspicion that their child was suffering abuse in daycare. After watching dozens of hours of security footage, suspicion began to fall on the elderly daycare employee, who seemed to act with severe violence towards the child, causing him bruises quite a number of times.

The daycare employee, who was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of abuse and assault that caused injury to a helpless individual by a responsible adult, will be brought Wednesday to the Ashkelon Magistrates Court for a five-day extension of her arrest.

At the same time, three other members of the daycare's staff were interrogated and released after the interrogations.