Daniel Winston
Daniel Winston INN:DW

It was reported on Monday by the JTA that the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Jonathan Greenblatt, called on Fox News Corps to fire Tucker Carlson.

Greenblatt complained in his original call and in his subsequent response to Lachlan Murdoch’s refusal to cooperate, that Carlson had used a ‘’...white supremacist trope” and was pushing an ‘’anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” in his framing of the current administration’s immigration policy.

I found these charges to be odd at best insofar as I have never heard Carlson say anything remotely racist or anti-Semitic over the years I have listened to him. But in this case, prior to hearing about Greenblatt’s accusations, I had not heard this particular segment and thus went to find the putatively racist and anti-Semitic rant.

In the segment in question, Carlson makes the case that the Democratic super-majority currently controlling the government is seeking to increase illegal immigration insofar as it sees this as a pathway to a permanent power sweep in DC. History has shown that the people streaming across America’s southern border eventually vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

Given that the Dems, for all their faults, know how to read - it makes perfect Machiavellian sense to do what they are doing even if it wreaks havoc on America’s democracy, economy, and social fabric in the process. Carlson brings actual recordings and quotes of Dems saying that this is exactly what they are doing - importing new Hispanic voters to shift the electorate irreversibly in their favor.

So in this case - even if I think that what they are doing is horrific and will cause permanent damage to the US on many levels - at least I can understand both why they are doing it - as well as why they are lying about it. What I cannot understand is Jonathan Greenblatt.

Carlson’s piece says nothing about American whites losing power. He speaks in general about the entire existing American electorate - and clarifies further in a follow-up segment that specifically African American’s electoral influence has been disproportionately impacted by this Dem-engineered flow of illegal migrants. There is literally not a racist bone in the body of Carlson’s stated position. But that’s not a surprise given that leftists like Greenblatt will reflexively label as ‘Racist’ anything which they don’t like and think they can knock down by playing that overworked trump-card.

But what is absolutely bizarre, especially coming from the head of the ADL, is the injection of the tried-n-true “Anti-Semitism” dog whistle. How is Carlson’s analysis connected to Jews? Where are Jews even mentioned in Carslon’s segment? Can someone at the ADL explain what moral and intellectual acrobatics Greenblatt used to conjure up Jews and Anti-Semitism where there are none and none can even be imagined?

This wouldn’t be so bad if the one calling for Fox to cancel Carlson was just some guy saying some things. But this is the head of the ADL - the organization that we are supposedly meant to look to for authority and intellectual honesty around such a crucially important issue as that of that organization’s raison d’etre.

Rather than pull out the Anti-Semitism card when it is truly justified, Greenblatt strengthens the ugly alliance of deniers who say Anti-Semitism is a racket concocted by the Jews - and of diluters who in their zeal to shut down all opposition perpetually scream the term, thus vitiating it of any meaning. Sadly, this, too, cannot be too great a surprise in a world in which words have lost their actual meaning beyond whatever post-modern constructions political hacks seek to pin to them to further their much beloved echo-chamber narratives.

How odd and ironic that while attacking Fox and Carlson for a piece which very effectively shows how Dems are actively pushing to dilute the electorate with non-citizens whom, they assume, will eventually vote for them - the CEO of the ADL manages to dilute the meaning of the very issue he is supposed to champion. If Anti-Semitism and Racism are everywhere and in everything, especially in cases where they just are not to be found, then they are nowhere and in nothing - and Jonathan Greenblatt is heading the wrong organization.

Daniel Winston is a writer and therapist in Gush Etzion and can be reached via danielwinston.com.