Haredim near Damascus Gate, before coronavirus hit (illustrative)
Haredim near Damascus Gate, before coronavirus hit (illustrative)Flash 90

Six people were injured in a large late-night riot in and around Jerusalem's Old city, Kikar Hashabbat reported. The riot began late on Tuesday night, and continued until the early hours of Wednesday morning.

According to the site, some of those injured were haredim returning from prayers at the Western Wall.

The Tuesday night riot which broke out in the Old City included hurling stones and smaller rocks at both police officers and civilian passersby, including the passengers of a bus.

After a long while, the police succeeded in gaining control of the mass disruption of order, and arrested several of the rioting Arabs.

According to Israel Police, ahead of the end of the prayers, "hundreds of youths crowded near Damascus Gate, hurling rocks and throwing explosives and glass bottles towards the nearby police post."

The statement added that during the riot's dispersal, five suspects were arrested on suspicion of throwing stones and attacking police officers. During the operation, one police officer suffered injuries to his face after a glass bottle was hurled at him, and required medical treatment.

"Rocks were thrown at buses passing...in the area, and as a result, their windshields were damaged and two drivers and three passengers were injured from the shards and required medical treatment."

The Arab rioters claimed that the events were spurred by a police decision to disconnect Al-Aqsa Mosque's microphones, in order to prevent the calls to prayers from disrupting the main Memorial Day ceremonies at the Western Wall.

Backlash for the decision to ensure quiet for the Memorial Day ceremony honoring Israel's fallen soldiers and terror victims came from several directions, including the Hamas terror group, which said that the "occupation's police disconnected the microphone cables at Al-Aqsa Mosque and did not allow the call to evening prayers, on the first day of Ramadan."

Hamas added that "this is racist aggression against the holiness, and harms freedom of religion. These actions expose how much contempt Zionism has for the feelings of Muslims everywhere."