An Israeli security official told The New York Times on Tuesday that Israel is seeking to reduce tensions in the Persian Gulf region and that it had no intention of retaliating for the attack on an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf.

Iran attacked the Israeli-owned cargo ship, the Hyperion Ray, off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, earlier on Tuesday.

A person familiar with the details of the ship’s voyage and quoted by The New York Times said the ship evaded the attack and was not hit.

Sources in the Israeli defense establishment confirmed that an Israeli-owned vessel had been attacked and blamed Iran for the attack.

The attack on the Israeli-owned vessel follows Sunday’s explosion at the Natanz uranium enrichment plant in Iran which has been blamed on Israel.

On Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blamed Israel for the incident and promised revenge.

"Zionists want to take revenge for the success in the path of lifting the oppressive sanctions, but we will not allow it," Zarif said, adding, "We will take revenge for these actions from Zionists themselves."