Rally for imprisoned terrorists
Rally for imprisoned terroristsIsaam Hashelmon/Flash90

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) addressed Benny Gantz today (Tuesday, April 13), requesting the Defense Minister enforce the law in relation with the Palestinian Authority's unauthorized payments to terrorists serving time in Israel or released in one of the recent prisoner exchanges. The law also forbids foreign organizations from providing monetary aid to terrorists.

Last week's move was the first time the PA paid terrorists who had murdered Jews since December 30, 2020, when legislation was instituted making payments to terrorists illegal under Judea and Samaria jurisdiction.

A spokesperson for PMW said that Gantz's failure to punish the PA for openly ignoring the law would present a major blow to Israel's security and ability to capacity to deter future attacks on its citizens. The organization stated that this may be interpreted as Israel's Defense Minister authorizing terrorists to be compensated for murdering Jews, providing added incentive for future attacks.