Miki Zohar
Miki ZoharArutz Sheva

MK Miki Zohar, Chairman of the Knesset's Arrangements Committee and a member of the Likud's negotiating team, submitted again his bill proposing an amendment to the Disability Law which would automatically recognize soldiers suffering battle shock as disabled IDF veterans.

If passed, the amendment would allow a soldier who suffered mental problems due to participation in battle, operational activities, encounters or terror events in which there was actual danger, and underwent a medical evaluation which determined that he suffered mental injury, to have his injuries recognized as having been caused during his time in the army.

This would mean that a soldier who suffered mental injury would be recognized as someone whose injury was caused by his army service.

"The tragedy of Itzik Sa'adian must awaken everyone involved in the matter, and, for once and for all, bring about a change in how the rehabilitation branch is managed," Zohar told Arutz Sheva.

Sa'adian, a soldier who fought in 2014's Operation Protective Edge, lit himself on fire earlier this week.

Zohar added: "This week, I resubmitted my bill to automatically recognize those suffering battle shock as injured IDF soldiers, without forcing them to suffer through a long bureaucratic process."

"I will make every effort in order to advance this law so that the fighters, to whom we owe our lives, will receive the appropriate treatment."