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Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhancourtesy of Nation of Isla

Hate does not just rise up out of nowhere. It has to be taught. Fearing someone who is different is not unusual. That is our instinctual brain putting us on notice. In a spilt second-well nano – second, our brain decides if the person in front of us is friend or foe. This response comes to us from our cavemen ancestors. Something different was always frightening but the brain learned to tell the difference between friend and foe; not based on characteristics, but character.

Hate for Jews has been in our world view for more than 3000 years. From Pharaoh to Rome to the world- hate for Jews has been taught. It is the only systemic, innate, endemic hate everywhere. There is no corner of the earth, no nook nor cranny where one cannot find hate for Jews.

Today, we are witnessing the repeat of the teaching of hate for Jews as was taught in Nazi Germany. Get them at school. Teach them early. Promote it in the universities, with Jew hating professors. BDS is repeating the hate from Nazi Germany.

From my book The Serpent and the Red Thread: The Definitive Biography of Evil:

"In universities in the 1880’s the cry was heard, 'The Jews are our misfortune' In the fall of 1880, the Anti-Semites petition was circulated by two school teachers depicting the Jews as exploitative masters, who would destroy the German fatherland. 'Jews are alien people', they said. “

'Their thinking and feeling are completely alien to the German Volk. If the German people are not to be destroyed and fall into economic slavery by the Jews, steps need to be taken to liberate the German people from this Jewish danger.' By the spring of 1881, there were 225,000 signatures, mostly Prussian; 9000 from Bavaria, and 4000 university students."

Antisemitic rhetoric began to lead to attacks against Jews.

More university professors began to sing the same anti-Semitic song. Eugene Karl Duhring (1833–1921), a philosopher and economist at the University of Berlin wrote The Jewish Question as a Racial, Moral and Cultural Question in 1877. He spouted that Germany’s social corruption was the consequence of parasitic Jews settling in Germany. He described the Jews as a 'counter-race' separated from all humanity, whom neither conversion nor assimilation could affect because their basic nature was evil and unchangeable. He was highly respected amongst his students.

And, today, institutions of higher learning are just as infected. Echoes of the hatred for Jews from German professors reverberate through time. Accusations of Israel as an apartheid state on par with South Africa; calls for Boycott Divest and Sanction of the only democracy in the Middle East, are heard across University campuses, despite the fact U.S. government (and many others, including Germany, Austria, Spain, Canada), as well as the ADL, have declared BDS to be anti-Semitic.

These calls come from around the world where Jew hatred is on the rise from the left as well as the right. Remarkable, isn’t it, that it is hatred for Jews that unites the left and the right. Universities like McGill, McMaster, York and Ryerson in Canada to America at UC Davis, the undergraduate student government at the University of California at Irvine (UCI), New York University, Columbia and then there is UCLA where the student government passed a resolution on March 3 alleging that the Israeli government is committing “ethnic cleansing” against the Palestinians and then Exeter and Oxford in Britain.

Then there is Sociology professor, David Miller, at Bristol University in the United Kingdom who has called for “the end” of Zionism and claimed that “it’s fundamental to Zionism to encourage Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism, too,” according to the student-run publication, The Bristol Tab. He also accused Jewish students of being “directed by the State of Israel” to pursue a “campaign of censorship” that endangers Muslim and Arab students.

And last, but not least, there is the late Professor Stephen Hawking. He barely could move or communicate but he signed onto BDS petitions in England. Interesting as it was Israel-invented technology that enabled him to communicate.

Who would have thought this possible, but with the rise in Jew hatred across Germany, the sales of hitler’s Mein Kampf are rising astronomically.

The attacks on Israel, BDS, are praised by Muslim terror groups. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh also praised the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions organizations in his address January 18, 2021 at a Tehran event, “Together Against Normalization,” in conjunction with an event in Gaza called “Year to Confront Normalization.”

Just like Muslims stood strong and proud with Hitler, they stand with the 21st century call for the extermination of the Jewish state rather than just individual Jews-6 million of them.

More than 60 organizations took part in the Gaza event, organized by The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, a broad network including many BDS groups. Among the participants were Western groups, such as the US Palestinian Community Network, Malcolm X Grassroots effort in the US, Collectif Palestine Vaincra, in France, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Sardegna Palestina in Italy, Palestinian Community in Belgium and Luxembourg, and International League of Peoples’ Struggles, based in Australia.

Look at the number of countries promoting Jew hatred after the Holocaust, after they asked forgiveness. Did not take long, did it? They just aim for Israel instead of the Jews of Europe..

But you know Jew hatred is solid when hateful songs about Jews get awards. You know its solid when there is no outcry against hateful songs against Jews.

NARAS nominated anti-Jewish rapper and Farrakhan-promoter Jay Electronica for a major award; featured anti-Israel, Farrakhan-praising activist Tamika Mallory in the Grammy Awards’ climactic broadcast segment; and honored Israel-bashing singer John Legend by designating him as honorary co-chair of the “Black Music Collective,” an advisory group that is part of NARAS. The Grammy Awards website features a 24-minute discussion between Legend and Mallory.Legend is also one of NARAS’ trustees.

The litany of Jew-hatred expressed by these NARAS honorees include: Jay Electronica’s Grammy-nominated album “A Written Testimony” which includes anti-Jewish, anti-white and violence-promoting lyrics, plus excerpts from antisemite Farrakhan’s speeches. Electronica also attacked Rabbi Cooper of the pro-Israel Simon Wiesenthal Center as a “devil.” John Legend repeated the outrageous lies that the areas where Palestinian Arabs live in Judea and Samaria and in the Gaza Strip are “open-air prisons” because of Israel, and that Jews have stolen Arab lands.

Tamika Mallory aggressively attacks Jews and deceives the public about Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. Mallory is a devoted fan of the Nation of Islam’s antisemitic Louis Farrakhan. She has referred to Farrakhan as the “GOAT” (“Greatest Of All Time”) and has attended at least 30 of his events. She is a frequent collaborator with notorious anti-Israel Jew-hating activist Linda Sarsour.

The same Electronica “Written Testimony” album, in the rap song “Overwhelming Event,” includes a verse featuring Farrakhan saying:

“. . . . “Who are the real Children of Israel?”

. . . . The honorable Elijah Muhammad has said that almighty God Allah revealed to him

That the black people of America are the real Children of Israel

And they, we, are the choice of God

And that unto us, he will deliver his promise That’s right”

Well why not, Nazi Germany had its Jew hating musicians.

Richard Wagner, composer, openly articulated his views in a number of publications, most notably Judaism in Music (Das Judentum in der Musik; 1850), in which he identified Jewish musicians as the ultimate source of what he perceived as substanceless music and misplaced values in the arts as a whole. Much of Wagner’s music is an embodiment of his anti-Semitic ideas and a knowledge of the nature and depth of his anti-Jewish sentiment is indispensable to the understanding of his music. This perspective has been used to explain Wagner’s position as a favourite composer of Adolf Hitler.

I will let Omar Barghouti end this piece. He and Hitler would have gotten on famously.

The BDS slogan says it all: “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea”—in other words, all of Israel. Movement co-founder Omar Barghouti has admitted,“If the occupation ends, would that end support for BDS? No it wouldn’t—no.” Just last May Barghouti clarified that he hopes “There won’t be any Zionist state like the one we speak about . . . The Palestinian minority will become a Palestinian majority of what is today called Israel.”

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