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Notable Saturday Night Live (SNL) Comedy writer Anne Beatts has died at age 74.

She died on Wednesday at her home in West Hollywood, according to the Associated Press.

Beatts became famous as a writer for SNL starting in 1975, where she worked on sketches for cast members such as Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase, Dan Android and Bill Murray, and wrote the iconic catchphrase for SNL character Lisa Looper (played by Radner), “That’s so funny I forgot to laugh.”

Beatts wrote for SNL for five seasons. In 1982, she created her own young adult sitcom, “Square Pegs,” starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Amy Linker. The show was given excellent reviews by critics at the time. She also wrote for sitcoms such as “Murphy Brown.”

Beatts was born in Buffalo, New York to parents she once described as “beatniks.”

While studying at McGill University, Beatts discovered American Jewish literature, including J.D Salinger, Philip Roth and Bruce Jay Friedman. During her time at the Montreal university, she converted to Judaism.