Honey Pomegranate Trifles
Honey Pomegranate Trifles Esty Wolbe / Kosher.com


Prepare the Trifles:

Using a mixer, whip the topping with the pudding mix on high speed until fluffy. Transfer to a piping bag or large zip top bag, star tip optional.

Pour the pomegranate juice into a bowl. Dunk a honey cookie into the pomegranate juice and then place into your glass. The longer the cookies dunk, the more tart pomegranate flavor they'll absorb. Pipe some cream onto the cookie and repeat with a second layer.

Top with fresh pomegranate seeds and refrigerate until serving.


If using a large trifle bowl, create a single layer of soaked honey cookies followed by a layer of cream and so on until it's as filled as you'd like.

Courtesy of Kosher.com

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