Fluffy Lemon Custard
Fluffy Lemon CustardKosher.com

Main ingredients

3/8 cup potato starch 

1 and 1/4 cups water

juice of 1 lemon

juice of 1 orange

1/4 cup sugar

pinch of salt

1 tablespoon shortening

2 eggs, separated

chopped nuts for garnish

Make the Custard

Blend starch with a bit of water and juice to make a thin cream.

Bring rest of water, juices, sugar, salt and shortening to a boil. Pour over blended starch. Mix and return to pan to cook for one minute. Cool slightly.

Beat egg yolks and add them to the custard, adding more sugar or lemon juice if necessary. Cool.

Beat egg whites until stiff. Gently combine custard and egg whites.

To Serve

Pour into dessert dishes and garnish with nuts or lemon wedges