Memorial Day ceremony
Memorial Day ceremonyFlash 90

Memorial Day for Fallen Israeli Soldiers, is one of the sanctified days marked by the State of Israel, and It is a day that serves to unite the Israeli populace. However, in many ways, Diaspora Jewry is missing from the dialogue and from a general sense of belonging. This is despite their deep and sincere link to Israeli soldiers and their commitment to the state of Israel.

The international initiative, led by the World Union of Orthodox Synagogues in Israel and in the Diaspora, strives to connect Diaspora Jewry to this special day. The initiative began ten years ago at the instigation of Lieutenant Colonel Uri Shlomai, ob"m, who decided to establish several "field" stations that would operate simultaneously on Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers. This was a parallel idea compared to soldiers standing, beside a flag, for an entire day, on Mount Herzl, in Jerusalem. The learning content includes: Mishna regimen, YIzkor prayer, Kel Malei Rachamim, selected Psalms, a prayer for the welfare of Israeli soldiers, the prayer for the sustenance of the State of Israel and more.

This year, the World Union of Synagogues, together with Ariel, son of Uri, will activate the project in a broad national and international fashion. For this purpose, pamphlets and films, in Hebrew, English, Spanish, Russian and French, have been produced for use by adults and families including children. Every Jew, from anywhere in the world, can access the site and take part in the learning. During the day, points on the globe will be lit, indicating the locales where learning is taking place on behalf of the souls of the fallen soldiers.

In addition, multiple stations will be spread out, providing citizens with the ability to participate in the simultaneous learning, during Memorial Day. Many of these stations will be active for twenty four hours, up to the advent of Independence Day. Each citizen will also have the opportunity to access the website and to study independently for the "uplifting" of the deceased' souls.

Mr. David Ben Naeh, Chairman of the World Organization of Orthodox Communities and Synagogues stated: "We see much importance in connecting World Jewry to the memory of the fallen Israeli soldiers. 'Around the clock' learning, on Memorial Day, signifies, more than anything else, this connection and deep bond, of every Jew, towards those who have sacrificed their lives on behalf of the nation in it's land."