MK Ofer Cassif clashes with police officers
MK Ofer Cassif clashes with police officers Nitzan Ron

The police officer suspected of attacking MK Ofer Cassif (Joint Arab List) on Friday claimed that he did not know Cassif was an MK when he attacked him, Channel 13 News reported.

In the Friday incident, which occurred during a weekly demonstration in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem, Cassif's glasses were broken and his shirt was ripped. Initial reports claimed that Cassif was attacked by the police.

During his interrogation by the special unit for investigating police officers, the suspected officer said that "he kicked me in the leg and I went into arrest mode. When we understood that he is an MK we let him go."

According to the police, Cassif attacked one of the officers, while kicking and punching him with his fist.

"The officers were forced to use reasonable force in order to arrest the attacker, since he did not identify himself during the incident, and when it became clear that he is a member of Knesset, he was released on the spot. Several police officers were injured and required medical treatment," a police statement read.

Major-General Doron Turgeman, Jerusalem District Commander, has ordered an investigation into the incident.

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