Dumpster set on fire in Jerusalem by protesters (archive)
Dumpster set on fire in Jerusalem by protesters (archive)FLASH90

Dozens of haredi youths gathered in Jerusalem Thursday afternoon to protest the arrest of a haredi couple from the neighborhood of Geulah earlier that day.

The protest was held Thursday afternoon near offices of the Welfare Ministry on Shivtei Yisrael Street in the capital.

Police were dispatched to the scene of the protest Thursday afternoon to disperse the demonstrators and clear the road next to the Welfare Ministry’s office to traffic. Authorities detained several demonstrators for questioning.

Afterwards, a small group of children gathered at a nearby site, setting a dumpster on fire and pushing it towards a nearby office of the Education Ministry.

Several security guards employed by the Education Ministry approached the children, demanding they stop moving the dumpster.

One of the security guards was filmed threatening the children, including telling one boy that if we were able to he would “butcher” him.

“If I wasn’t wearing this shirt [uniform], I would butcher you,” the guard said before storming off. As the guard left, the boy responded by shouting “Get out of here, you. Go get a knife, let’s see you do it.”

Earlier on Thursday, police arrested two parents accused of being affiliated with what welfare authorities described as a religious cult.