Jewish community of Djerba
Jewish community of DjerbaHezki Baruch

The Jewish community of Djerba have experienced a wave of violence from their Arab neighbors.

The last case was when two local men came to the Jewish Quarter on the "Island of the Priests" and strangled a Jewish woman in her twenties, near her home, for an extended time. A passerby who noticed what was happening managed to separate the two people and end the attack.

About a week earlier, a Jewish boy about 10 years old, a resident of the Jewish Quarter in Djerba, had been attacked by a Muslim resident.

The Jewish community says these cases are the result of a new routine of violent discourse towards the Jewish community in Tunisia, which began with the controversial remarks of Tunisian President Kais Saied last January, when he accused the Jews of fomenting instability in the country.

"We do not understand what is happening here," said a senior member of the Jewish community who spoke to Arutz Sheva. "Every week or two, something happens. Sometimes the president calls us thieves, sometimes robbers come and break into a house in the middle of the day, once a Muslim Arab beat a 10-year-old boy. , And now the biggest one of all - a person who sought to strangle a 20-year-old girl and kidnap her?"

"Enough. We can't live that way anymore, and all because of the incitement and hatred of President Kais Saied," he said. "We call from here on the government to wake up and do something."