Zehava Galon
Zehava GalonFlash 90

Former Meretz chairwoman and ex-MK Zehava Galon accused the Religious Zionism party, and its leader MK Bezalel Smotrich, of leading the nation down a "slippery slope" which will eventually end in similar actions taken by the Nazis during the holocaust.

"The Holocaust has two lessons," she wrote in a Haaretz op-ed. "Never again, and never again to us."

She added: "We must stand up against Smotrich's list of hate and his friends. Now, before the slope...no more."

Journalist Barak Ravid posted the article, adding: "[Treblinka] was built during a decade of hate."

Tuvia Smotrich, MK Bezalel Smotrich's older brother, quickly responded by calling Ravid an "evil and pathetic man."

Mk Smotrich then retweeted the post by his brother, claiming he "forgives them. They are infants taken captive and have lost their way, their Jewish and human morals."