Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Arutz Sheva

Yamina Chairman MK Naftali Bennett on Tuesday spoke for the first time since Israel's recent elections, explaining why his party nominated him for prime minister, instead of backing Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu or Yesh Atid Chairman MK Yair Lapid.

"During my campaign, I refused to lie, and I stuck to the truth despite the fact that I knew in real time that we would pay - and we are paying - an electoral price," Bennett said in a statement. "I refuse to lie now as well. In all our actions, we have one compass, which is sharp and clear: whatever is good for Israel."

"Israel needs two things: a stable government, and that the government reflect the distribution of opinions among the nation - meaning, it leans to the right. I will do everything I can for such a government.

"I don't know many politicians who had a realistic and immediate chance to be prime minister and didn't jump to take it. I did not have a dilemma. I will not compromise on my values in exchange for any position."

He emphasized: "There are those who think that I will compromise on my stance in order to form a government that leans towards the left. I will not compromise on my ideology for any position in the world."

"There are those who call themselves right-wing, who don't have any issue dragging the State of Israel to another horrible election, all in the name of lofty ideals.

"On the other side, there are other people who believe that in the name of our good will, we need to show responsibility, to bring about stability, to form a government. They think that I will compromise on my nationalistic stance in order to form a government whose essence is leftist and that I would, so to speak, lead it. Both groups are wrong.

"In any government which will be formed, regardless of who forms it, we will ensure that it represents all of the citizens. And in the same breath, we will do everything and turn over every stone in order to prevent fifth elections," he promised.