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Joe Gellert, former vice president of the Likud-Herut movement in the UK and a long-time British Zionist activist, has passed away.

Yaakov HaGoel, Chairman of the Executive of the World Zionist Organization, eulogized Gellert Tuesday afternoon.

"This morning we lost a pillar of the Jewish community of England. Joe Gellert was a man of Hadar, of Zionist vision, a Likudnik in heart and a Herutnik in soul who followed the ideology of Ze'ev Jabotinsky.

"Joe was Likud-Herut U.K. Life Vice President and active in the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.

"He was instrumental in the campaign to free Soviet Jews and other Jewish causes and a recipient of an honorary award from the Zionist Vaad Hapoel in 2017.

"In recent years Joe fulfilled his dream and made aliyah to Israel where he lived in Netanya with his wife Beatie. He will be greatly missed."