Lapid and Netanyahu
Lapid and Netanyahuהדס פרוש / פלאש 90 ודוברות הליכוד

With Israeli President Reuven Rivlin set to announce his choice for candidate for the premiership Tuesday, a new poll released Tuesday morning shows that if Israel is forced into yet another election, Yesh Atid and the left-wing bloc would likely benefit.

The poll, conducted by Panels Politics on Monday and published on Radio 103FM Tuesday morning, found that if efforts to form a new government were to fail and new elections were held today, Yesh Atid would cut significantly into the Likud’s lead, rising from the 17 seats it won in last month’s election to 21 seats.

The Likud, by contrast, would sink from 30 seats to 29.

The right-wing bloc would gain one seat overall, rising from 59 seats to 60, while the left-wing – Arab bloc would gain one seat, rising from 48 seats to 49. The two right-of-center parties opposed to forming a government with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – New Hope and Yisrael Beytenu – would both lose seats, falling from 13 combined to 11.

Among the haredi factions, Shas would retain its nine seats while United Torah Judaism would hold steady at seven.

Blue and White, which won eight seats last month, would fall to seven, while Yisrael Beytenu would fall from seven to six. The New Hope is projected to win just five seats, down from six currently.

Labor would hold steady at seven, while Meretz would fall to five.

The Joint Arab List, which plummeted from 15 seats to just six in the last election, continues to lose ground, and is now projected to fall to just five seats, while the United Arab List would barely cross the electoral threshold once again with four.

The Religious Zionist Party, which ran with Otzma Yehudit, would win five seats, down from its current six, while Yamina would surge from seven seats to 10 if new elections were held today.