Holocasut Memorial Day
Holocasut Memorial Day Flash 90

During the upcoming Holocaust Remembrance Day, Singer Yonatan Mergi will take part in the now-trending annual Yom HaShoa fast.

"I visited the concentration camps in Poland a few years ago", Mergi wrote on his Instagram account, "and heard from Holocaust survivors their stories of Triumph. For me it was a living testimony to the shocking and inconceivable horrors that took place".

Mergi urges others to participate in the initiative alongside him.

Mergi added that he decided to take part in order to guarantee "we will never forget, even when there is no one to tell".

Thousands have stated that they intend to fast on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which will take place on Wednesday. 'Holocaust Day fasting' is an initiative of two social activists from Jerusalem, Assaf Benner and Mia Sarig, which began five years ago and has since been gaining traction on social media.

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