Prince Hamzah bin Hussein of Jordan who was removed from his post 16 years ago, released a video yesterday, claiming it might be his "last communication" with the outside world, in which he blamed local authorities for "breakdown in governance, corruption, and incompetency." Hamza said he had been placed under house arrest and "told to stay at home and not contact anyone."

According to a report that appeared in The Guardian, following Saturday's attempted coup against King Abdullah II, roads to Hamzah’s palace were blocked with security services patrolling entrances to the capital city of Amman.

Jordanian army chief Yusef Ahmed al-Hunait said he had been, "asked to stop movements and activities that were used to target the security and stability of the Kingdom."

According to Jordan's Petra news site, amongst those arrested in a roundup following Saturday's events were Hassan bin Zaid who served as the Kingdom's envoy to Saudi Arabia and is the brother of a senior Jordanian intelligence officer assassinated by al-Qaeda in an 2009 attack that also claimed the lives of five CIA operatives as well as Basem Ibrahim Awadallah, a close aide of King Abdullah I. A statement by Jordanian authorities referred to the alleged plot was as an “advanced plan with regional links."