President Donald J. Trump
President Donald J. TrumpOfficial White House Photo by Tia Dufour

Two Washington DC police officers are suing former President Donald Trump over “physical and emotional injuries” suffered in the January 6 Capital riots.

In their suit, they allege that the attack was incited by Trump.

According to NBC News, James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby, who have been at their posts for over a decade, allege that Trump was directing the “assault and battery” committed by January 6 rioters and that he was “aiding and abetting” the protestors’ actions.

Each officer is seeking minimum $75,000 in damages. Blassingame and Hemby are the first police officers to sue Trump over the storming of the capital.

Trump has not issued a personal statement with regard to the lawsuit. His defense team have said in the past that Trump did not incite the crowd to storm the capital and enter buildings.

On Tuesday, lawyers for the two officers filed a 40-page complaint in DC federal court. The document states, “The insurrectionist mob, which Trump had inflamed, encouraged, incited, directed, and aided and abetted, forced its way over and past the plaintiffs and their fellow officers, pursuing and attacking them inside and outside the United States capitol.”

The lawsuit describes one of the rioters screaming in Hemby’s face that he was not a patriot and was “disrespecting the badge.”

“Officer Hemby was attacked relentlessly. He was bleeding from a cut located less than an inch from his eye. He had cuts and abrasions on his face and hands and his body was pinned against a large metal door, fending off attacks,” the lawsuit alleges.

Blassingame was part of the group of police officers attempting to redirect protestors who pushed their way into the Crypt, the area that is inside the Capital Building below the Rotunda.

The lawsuit states that the “insurrectionists struck Officer Blassingame in his face, head, chest, arms, and what felt like every part of his body” using fists and weapons such as flagpoles and stanchions, building signs, water bottles and unidentified objects.

Approximately 140 officers from Capitol and DC Metropolitan Police were injured during the riots, according to NBC News.