Degel HaTorah
Degel HaTorah Arutz Sheva

The Knesset members of the Degel HaTorah faction of the United Torah Judaism party on Tuesday held a faction meeting, at the end of which they clarified that the party hopes to prevent another election.

"We are making every effort not to go to a fifth election campaign, which would be a disaster for the economy that will cause instability," the party said.

The faction's statement added that "we are making every effort to form a coalition with the right-wing and traditional bloc, we will present the full picture to the Council of Torah Sages and we will accept their instruction."

Degel HaTorah noted that "at the faction meeting, the members praised the Prime Minister and thanked God for the vaccines that are working, and also expressed astonishment at Blue and White that are not permitting additional vaccines to be brought in due to political considerations, despite this being pikuach nefesh."