Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Liron Moldovan/POOL/Flash90

I’ve been sitting on this for so long. I can’t hold it in anymore. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t not.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in no uncertain terms that Israel had the vaccine as early as it did and in the quantities that it did because of… Bibi.

Period. Bibi brought them here. Bibi led this country to where it is in terms of the pandemic.

The country has opened up ahead of almost the entire world.

Were there thousands of deaths in Israel? Yes. Is that a horrible tragedy? Absolutely. Was it on Bibi’s watch? Yep. Is it his fault? Um, no. It’s called a global pandemic.

Bibi got us out of this because of his “Obsession” for saving lives. That’s not what I’m saying. That’s what the CEO said.

But the “Anti-Bibi camp” can’t give him that. Why is it so difficult for people to say that they don’t like the man but to give him credit where credit is due?

It’s actually unbelievable to me that normal, intelligent people can actually carry out a rational conversation about why Bibi isn’t responsible for getting us out of COVID!

It sort of reminds me of the leftist opinion on the conflict.

“The Palestinians want peace. We just have to give them what they want!”

“Um; show me one Palestinian leader who says Israel has a right to exist! One!”

Do you know what “From the river to the sea" means? It means no Israel!

“Weren’t they offered a state in 1948 but rejected it because they don’t want a state, they want no Israel?”

“No, they don’t mean it. They really do want peace!”

“But they say they don’t!”

“Don’t listen to them. They don’t know what they want.”

“Ok, got it!”

“Bibi isn’t responsible for Israel leading the world on the COVID vaccine.”

“But he brought the vaccines here before anyone else got them.”

“Nope. Not him.”

“But the CEO said explicitly that he gave them to Israel because of Bibi!”

“6,000 people died!”

“Yes. It’s horrible. And we got out of it before millions more died thanks to the vaccines that Bibi brought.”

“Na, we are just guinea pigs testing out the vaccines.”

“Um, the whole world is using it now. We just had it first and managed to vaccinate the whole country before other countries even got started.”

“Yea, but Bibi has indictments. He needs to go.”

“Ever hear of innocent until proven guilty? You know? That rule of a democracy, the thing you mention every chance you get?”

“He’s been in power too long.”

“Fine. So who can replace him? Gantz who can’t get the name of a news reporter right or Lapid who didn’t finish high school but lied about it?”

“Anyone but Bibi” and I’m going to go protest to get him out of office even though he got more votes than any other candidate by far! Yes, I’m gonna go yell and shout in the streets while condemning the ultra orthodox for going to a funeral. As long as Bibi goes home.”

“Got it. Solid argument.”

This is so tiring already. Give it a rest and be grateful that we are getting back to life thanks to our obsessive prime minister.

- A guy who did NOT vote for Bibi

Hillel Fuld is a startup advisor, tech journalist, and leading online influencer.