Attorney Simcha Rothman, MK-elect for the Religious Zionism party, calls on the New Hope and Yamina parties to join the coalition of right-wing parties to prevent a fifth election from occurring.

"We have in the Knesset, if we count Gideon Sa'ar's party and Naftali Bennett's party and the Likud and the Religious Zionist part, our party, and the [haredi] parties, we can have a stable right-wing coalition which understands and agrees almost 100% on the issues which the State of Israel faces," Rothman says in an interview at the Arutz Sheva studio in Jerusalem Tuesday.

"The fact that we are even talking about forming a government that will be a minority government, that will not be able to be able to push forward any new ideas or any old ideas of the right-wing in Israel - I think it's ridiculous. I think we all need to call on Gideon Sa'ar and Naftali Bennett to rejoin the right-wing bloc and form a stable government," he says.

"I think that if everyone stands their ground and says 'we are boycotting this and we are not sitting this and we want to be prime minister,' all those personal issues and all those personal ambitions that some of the parties have might lead to a fifth election. That's why it's so important to call them again and say, 'come back to the right.' We can save Israel from the fate of going to a fifth election. We can have a stable government.

"I really hope Gideon Sa;ar and Naftali Bennett will prevent this tragedy," he concludes.

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