Flyer being distributed for the search effort
Flyer being distributed for the search effortצילום: IDU Public Relations

Extensive search and rescue operations are underway in Hadera. 76-year-old Shlomo Malka has been missing from his home for the past 2 days. Malka is reported to suffer from dementia, and left his home in pajamas and slippers Friday evening, on what was one of the coldest nights this year, leading search directors to classify his case as one of immediate mortal danger.

The Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a nonprofit specializing in missing persons, INP, and multiple other organizations were called away from their Passover Seder due to the high risk profile. The search has continued non-stop since.

Inside the command center

The IDU and police sent out urgent requests to the public to aid in the search efforts and to spread the flyers with Shlomo's picture. The search is centered on the eastern half of Hadera, and the forests and fields around the city.

Map of search efforts thus far.

Given the high risk in this case no effort has been spared in trying to locate Malka; search dogs, thermal imaging UAVs, helicopters, and off-road vehicle squads have all been deployed as part of the search effort. Search efforts began on Shabbat and continued through the first day of Passover on account of the high risk to the missing person.

Anyone who has information leading to Malka's whereabouts is asked to contact the IDU hotline at 0544876709 or police at 100.