Michael Oren speaks
Michael Oren speaksYonatan Sindel

One of the best-known Anglo-Israelis of modern times, Dr. Michael Oren, has contributed much to the state of Israel. An internationally renowned historian, former Israeli ambassador to the United States and a former Knesset member, Dr. Oren is uniquely suited to talk about the past present, and future of Israel.

"It is untrue to say Diaspora Jews are unconnected with Israel. The place we are seeing the drop in connection is with young Progressive Jews," said Oren when asked about strengthening the relationship between the Diaspora and Israel. "The best ways to increase feelings of connection between fellow Jews are trips like birthright which are as important if not more important for the Israeli youth who take part as it helps develop their sense of Jewish Peoplehood," he added.

When asked about his impression of President Biden, Dr. Oren said: "Joe Biden is one of the few politicians I know who actually likes talking to people, he is deeply committed to Israel's security, he goes way back with us, he's of that generation that remembers the six-day war."

He also added that "with that being said, there are policy differences over the Palestinians and especially over Iran."

"There is a picture in the basement of the Knesset of [former Prime Minister] Yitzchak Shamir looking exhausted but somewhat indomitable that's an iconic image of an Israeli leader for me. Being Prime Minister of Israeli is the hardest job in the world. The US presidency is not nearly as hard as being the Prime Minister of Israel," he added.

Listen to the rest of the episode to learn what Michael Oren's biggest fear for the future is and how he thinks we can form a balance between the Orthodox and non-Orthodox streams in Israel and the biggest challenges there is when it comes to bureaucracy in Israel.