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Syracuse University’s Student Association passed unanimously on Monday a resolution adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Anti-Semitism.

A resolution was initially put forward in February but was withdrawn due to a section that denounced the BDS movement, which was removed in the current iteration.

According to The Daily Orange, the university’s student newspaper, the resolution, besides adopted the Working Definition, also denounces discrimination and violence toward Jews on campus. It lists “actionable steps” for university members to use to learn about anti-Semitism. One step is a Stop BIAS course taught by Syracuse Hillel.

The resolution urges community members to ask the school’s administration to adopt the definition for the university.

One of the sponsors of the resolution, Rebecca Sereboff, told The Daily Orange that “it’s an inherently Jewish value to be there for your neighbors and to repair the world."

“The language choice there is intentional to ensure that legitimate activism, debate and academic inquiry is never disrupted or targeted or discriminated against," she said.