Esther Horgan
Esther Horganpicture used with permission of family

The IDF announced yesterday (Wednesday) that it does not intend to demolish the homes of the people who assisted the terrorist who brutally murdered Esther Horgan about two and a half months ago.

The decision not to issue a demolition order to the homes was justified on the grounds that the aides were not involved in the planning or execution of the murder, but rather helped the terrorist hide after he murdered Horgan.

In response to the request of Adv. Michael Litvak of the B'Tzalmo organization and Adv. Ohad Lapidot, the Commander of the Central Command, Major General Tamir Yedai, wrote that the findings of the investigation revealed that apart from the terrorist Muhammad Marwah Kabha, "Indictments have been filed for offenses involving providing assistance to the terrorist after the murder was committed."

"In light of the above, the demolition order was issued and executed in relation to the terrorist who planned and carried out the murder alone," it was written. "We share the Horgan family's grief over her painful loss, and wish to strengthen them."

B'Tzalmo CEO Shai Glick said: "It is unfortunate and disappointing that the IDF chooses to 'show mercy' and give in to those who did not kill with their own hands but only helped out with the attack. Both the law and the Supreme Court and of course Israeli justice have repeatedly stated that even those who 'only' help the attack are responsible and it is permitted to demolish their homes."

He said, "This decision constitutes a reward for terrorism. We will work to ensure that in the next government, the homes of terrorists will always be destroyed, regardless of whether they directly or indirectly assisted in the murder."