counting the votes
counting the votes צילום: רפי בן חקון לע"מ

The physical counting of the double envelope ballots concluded Thursday afternoon without an end to Israel's political gridlock.

No change is expected in the current results, which show the pro-Netanyahu bloc winning 59 Knesset seats with Yamina while the anti-Netanyahu parties won a combined 61 seats and yet are unable to sit together to form a government.

The one Knesset seat which swung back and forth between Yamina and New Hope ultimately settled with the New Hope party.

According to the latest results, the Likud is by far the largest party with 30 Knesset seats, Yesh Atid is second with 17 seats, and Shas is third with nine seats.

Blue and White won eight seats. Yamina, Labor, United Torah Judaism, and Yisrael Beytenu won seven seats each.

Religious Zionism, Meretz, New Hope, and the Joint Arab List received six seats each. The United Arab List just passed the electoral threshold to receive four seats.