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I grew up after Senator Joseph McCarthy’s era, but I never stopped hearing from liberals about 1950’s Hollywood blacklists. But a monumental Oscar-winning director like Elia Kazan, who directed extraordinary movies that grippingly advanced freedom and human understanding, had antagonized Hollywood, so he then was blacklisted by them.

The Left blacklists more robustly than McCarthy ever did. Today it is called “canceling.” The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has produced this list of more than 100 currently blacklisted and canceled American professors. I personally know of many others who have been canceled, so more than 150 academics and scholars now are blacklisted by American universities for being conservatives.

Liberals and even more extreme leftists no longer are blacklisted anywhere. They now dominate entertainment and universities, and they impose their own blacklisting. I attended Columbia University for college, majored in political science, and all my professors were left-liberal. I could not find a conservative anywhere on the university’s faculties of social sciences, not even a token one. That is not coincidental but blacklisting. Conservatives apply for academic positions, and the leftists who dominate the social sciences departments review their resumés and publications, and reject them.

It is the same at graduate schools in the social sciences. At the top-tier law school where I earned my J.D. degree, only Wesley (“Jim”) Liebeler was openly conservative. He taught antitrust law, a field that kept him away from first years and from most other students except those corporate-focused. There also was a conservative professor of remedies and property transactions, and another of business accounting law, but both remained politically in the closet. Each “came out” to me, much as 1950s homosexuals “hid in closets” and very hesitantly “came out” only when cautiously certain they had met another. That is the reign of terror in academia. Three conservatives out of more than a hundred professors.

In pre-state and post-1948 Israel, when the Marxist-Socialists of the Labor Party controlled government for half a century with an iron fist, and the Histadrut controlled jobs, they blacklisted Begin voters of the Herut Party. They denied officer positions in the Tzahal (IDF) to great military minds whom they did not want to advance. The Labor “beautiful people” suppressed Israel’s Sephardic population arriving from North Africa, denied them opportunities, sent them to “development towns” away from Tel Aviv and Haifa (if truth be told, there was also a genuine need to populate areas far from the big cities - or lose them) , and mocked them with insulting epithets.

And yet the hypocritical Left preaches “diversity” and bewails “Systemic Racism.”

Consider these examples of Left coercion and canceling, hypocrisy and double standards, and lies in America:

-California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, facing impeachment, bans people throughout the state from eating at indoor restaurants. But he does it. With his gazillionaire donors. And, uh, no masks.

-Rep. Nancy Pelosi closes down hair salons. But she can have one open for her to get a blowout. And, uh, no mask.

-For decades, the Democrats vehemently opposed illegal immigration in order to protect wages for their voting base of union workers and Blacks. Democrats vociferously agitated for building a wall. And then they realized that the “Black Vote” is in their pockets anyway, while illegal immigrants who cannot support themselves become instant Democrat voters because they rely on Big Government welfare.

So New Mexico and California turned blue, and other red states like Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada have turned purple. Overnight the Democrat melody changed: Illegal immigration is good, and unaccompanied children look cute in the cages Obama built for them a decade ago.

They viciously attacked President Trump for detaining unaccompanied minors illegally immigrating at the southern border. Ocasio-Cortez said we were placing innocent children in “concentration camps.” Biden has continued those cages. But now Democrats do not mind and focus elsewhere. So Biden bemoans the climate “crisis” while denying the existence of a border “crisis.”

-They demand “Choice”: “Pro Choice.” Yet they oppose school choice for Blacks and Hispanics in inner cities despite such choice being the single greatest ticket for future generations to break the cycle of poverty and succeed through life by escaping the broken “woke” public schools. If children learn real math, real history, real English, real science, cursive writing, and are expected to get real passing grades, they will succeed in life. The elites of the Left know that, so send their own kids to private schools, charter schools, and magnet schools. At the same time, they pervert “education” that is offered in troubled inner-city public schools, focusing their curricula on garbage like “critical ethnic studies” and “critical race theory,” Black Lives Matter syllabi, “woke math,” teaching birth control to fifth graders, and guaranteeing passing grades to all children. And then they ban Dr. Seuss, to boot. One fail, Two fail, Red fail, Blue fail.

-They blame Trump for COVID losses while it was their Blue State governors who coerced skilled nursing facilities to take in COVID-infected seniors, thus creating death traps that murdered thousands. Then they accused Trump of denying the pandemic when it was they and their staffs who falsified and spoliated data to escape political culpability. They gave Andrew Cuomo an Emmy Award for his COVID press conferences, acting as though he were a real governor. One awaits seeing him perform in “Orange Is the New Black,” a prison-based show better suited for him.

-They preached #MeToo and sought to destroy Brett Kavanaugh — as decent and as morally upright and as religiously devout a family man as anyone can find — while screaming “Women Must Be Believed” and “Survivors Must Be Trusted.” Then, when the Democrat Black Lieutenant Governor of Virginia was accused not by one but by two different Black women, both themselves Democrats, of having been a rapist — Democrats protected him.

As they later would shield Joe Biden after he was accused by Tara Reade. Now Biden and Kamala Harris, as of this writing, still will not call out Gov. Cuomo even after seven women have leveled accusations. “Hypocrisy” and “double standards” do not begin to describe adequately how despicable a Kamala Harris could be to prosecute an innocent Judge Kavanaugh in the presence of his wife and daughters while refusing to apply that identical standard to Cuomo. This is the Harris who locked up marijuana users and later giggled in a radio interview that she herself smoked weed.

Coercion and hypocrisy.

The Hollywood crowd lead the call for higher taxes — in California and everywhere — because “it is only right,” and the lower economic classes “need the added support.” And then, as Hollywood’s precious state of California emerges — thanks in part to them — as the highest-taxed state in America, Hollywood itself moves its movie-making out of California to states like Georgia and North Carolina and Iowa because those states induce them with tax breaks. Only when California capitulates and waives taxes for movie-making do the hypocritical Hollywood liberals return.

They promote “affirmative action” special admissions tiers for the underprivileged to enter universities. But they secretly maneuver their own kids onto “rowing teams” that do not row nor even wade, and then pay bribes to assure that their dolts, otherwise unqualified for admission, get in via alternative athletic admissions. More honest parents among them instead just make straightforward six-figure donations to a university endowment fund, greasing the skids for their kid to get in. Yet others leverage their parental lineage — “Legacy Admissions” — to get their mediocrities in.

So Bushes and Kennedys and Gores manage to get into Yale and Harvard, a stepping stone for life, while worthy Asian-descended American-born students get cheated out of the reward they truly have earned through years of hard work. Other parents simply enroll their tykes in $60,000-a-year elite private schools — places like the Dalton School and the Harvard-Westlake School and the Exeter School and the Andover School — to cast the die for life.

Once these liberals-progressives-socialists have assured their children’s futures — whether by bribing the rowing team coach or donating to an endowment or invoking “legacy” or simply enrolling the kid at the special private school that costs a fortune — they then play “White Privilege Three-Card Monte” and loudly bemoan “Systemic Racism.” However, they do not give up their privileges. For added protection, much as storeowners paid the Mafia for “protection” in the 1920s, they send a check to race hucksters like Al Sharpton or Black Lives Matter. Systemic Racism.

There is no Systemic Racism or White Privilege in America any more. We know it, and they know it. But they mouth the mantra of The Woke to protect their vaunted places.

Bernie Sanders, for example, is “Exhibit A” for White Privilege. He is a millionaire and owns three expensive homes, yet never produced anything. For most of his years, he lived off the earnings of his girl friends and wives. He partied in Russia on one of his honeymoons amid Communism in the Soviet Union. Having lived in mixed-racial Brooklyn, he moved to lily-White Vermont. But he knows the mantras. So Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who not only hate “White Privilege” but especially hate Jews, make an exception for him. He, in turn, attacks Israel and opposes legislation that would ban the Nazi-like BDS effort that boycotts Israel. Reciprocity. And thus the terrified White liberal university professors who, but for their tenure that guarantees they never can be fired, would be first on the chopping block because Black and Hispanic scholars cannot get academic positions they truly deserve if there are not enough vacancies.

The Left’s hypocrisy and coercion extend everywhere. They tell us to “follow the science.” Yet they have subjectified science. So math now is to be “woke,” with children — except for theirs — no longer expected to know multiplication and division tables and to get correct answers.

American history devolves into a fabricated Just-So Story about how the Pilgrims left England and founded Roanoke and Jamestown to acquire slaves, and Abraham Lincoln was racist. Follow the science? In the years since Roe v. Wade, science has determined more clearly than ever before that a fetus indeed has life. One picture is worth a thousand abortions. But that science does not matter. Catholics like Joe Biden tell voters that they are “devout Catholics,” and Nancy Pelosi occasionally begins a sentence with “As a Catholic,” but they lead the charge for abortion on demand, even late-term abortion, even post-birth infanticide.

They would legislate “Equality Acts” to coerce the impossible on truly devout Catholics who wish to live faithfully by the latest papal statement that gay marriage is sinful and therefore impossible under Catholic doctrine. Indeed, as the Left imposes their own constructs of “gender fluidity” on everyone from school children to women’s sports leagues, they shamelessly ignore the science that defines all mammals on the globe. They deem felines to be male or female, but felons are fluid.

Indeed, the pronouns. The Democrat Congress legislates rules to restrict saying “father” or “mother,” “sister” or “brother.” Not “Amen” but “A-women.” Inasmuch as Hollywood is almost universally Woke, let them change the names of their movies, even as they rewrite American history and rename their schools. They will have so many movies to repair so that Hollywood can become gender-neutral: “The Godperson.” “The Sorcerer of Oz.” “My Fair Person.” “O Person, Where Art Thou?” “The Thin Person.” “Raging Ungulate.”

Back to the climate. John Kerry’s private jet emitted 116 metric tons of carbon in one year. Yet he flew it to Iceland to accept . . . a climate award. Al Gore was averaging $30,000 a year in electric bills for his 20-room home and pool house. But California coerces its electric utilities to spend on “green energy” rather than primarily to renovate and modernize their classic electric infrastructure. Consequently, its wealthy cities enjoy aesthetically elegant underground cabling, while above-ground electricity and aged infrastructure elsewhere later contribute to devastating wildfires that also could be avoided if the Left would allow a return to sensible forestry procedures that predominated before Clinton.

Left-wing coercion is endemic in left-wing philosophy. Conservatives believe we know better, but we also believe in personal freedom and that government must not interfere outside the “police power” fields of health, safety, and general public welfare. By contrast, the Left believes not only that they know better but also that they are entitled to assure utopia by coercing everyone else to live by their untested, unproven, and even often-tried-and-failed ideas.

So Mao forced educated people to be reeducated or die.

Stalin imposed his economic and agricultural theories on Ukrainians, and millions died in the Golodomor as a result.

Now the American Left feels, for the first time since Franklin Roosevelt, that they are safe to coerce Americans to adhere like lemmings.

And Israel’s Supreme Court is the same: they, the unelected handful, know better than the Knesset and the 9 million people who elected them. So enemies of Israel who are devoted to its destruction may run for Knesset, but a patriotic father of two sons in the IDF is barred. Rabbis are pushed around and told how they are to alter their religious beliefs, on matters as sensitive as who is eligible to take a rabbinic ordination exam and whose theological conversions should have standing — but the same judges do not dare interfere in Islam.

The Israeli Left televises on the government TV station repeated mockery of our sacred Biblical ancestors, but let no one dare speak negatively of Yitzhak Rabin. They speak of “democracy” night and day as though it is Israel’s only value, but then a perfectly democratic election results in Netanyahu as prime minister, and they immediately stage a year of loud and raucous street demonstrations on Balfour Street demanding that Bibi resign.

For years they imposed arbitrary coercion in every walk of life. If you wanted to teach, you were forced to join the Histadrut. You could buy a refrigerator, but had to pay massive customs duties for a freezer. You could buy a washing machine but were taxed to pay double for a dryer. You could buy a TV but were forced to pay double for a VCR. You could buy corn flakes at fair market value, but were taxed to pay double for rice krispies. For twenty years, they forced perfectly fine color televisions to be converted into black and white, and they removed the Colorburst synchronization component from color TV programs imported from America to coerce the public to watch black and white. Remember?

The Left has one advantage over us. Because they control most modes of communication and culture — in Israel no less than in America — they do create the impression that they predominate. Mass propaganda intimidates conservative and religious thought leaders, academics, and regular people. We saw this in Nazi Europe and Stalinist Russia.

But we have seen in real-life elections that two-thirds of the Israeli electorate still rejects the Left. There is no escaping the numbers of cold hard votes. And if you consider specifically the Jewish population of Israel, the anti-Left religious and nationalist mindsets reflect more than 70 percent of the voting country.

Likewise, in America 75-80 million just voted for the most controversial of conservative populists. Despite four years of vicious Left media lies against him, the population has not been broken.

We must not allow ourselves to be broken. We despise Left coercion and hypocrisy. And we know we are not alone.