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Hamas terrorists Flash 90

Omar Barghouti, one of the top officials of the Hamas terrorist organization in Judea and Samaria, has died from the coronavirus, Arab media reported Thursday.

Barghouti, 67, shares the same name as the founder of the BDS movement. He spent 27 years in Israeli prisons for various crimes, including the murder of an Israeli soldier n 1978. Two of his sons followed in Barghouti's terrorist footsteps.

In December 2018, Barghouti's son Saleh opened fire at the Jewish community of Ofra, wounding seven people, including a pregnant woman whose unborn child died four days later after undergoing an emergency delivery. A few days later, his younger brother Assem carried out a similar attack near Givat Assaf, murdering two IDF soldiers. Saleh was shot dead by IDF forces after an extended manhunt and Assem was arrested and given four life sentences.

In January, Barghouti claimed that Israeli intelligence summoned him to warn him not to run in the elections which the Palestinian Authority are scheduled to hold later this year. He said that he would not be intimidated into not running.

Barghouti was diagnosed with the coronavirus earlier this week and his condition quickly deteriorated.