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The Chinese government plans to invite Israelis and Palestinian Arabs to hold talks in China, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

“We will invite Palestinian and Israeli public figures to have talks in China,” Wang was quoted as having told Al Arabiya in an interview.

He did not elaborate, and it was not immediately clear whether he had government representatives in mind.

China has in recent years sought to play a greater role in the Middle East in general and in the Israel-PA peace process in particular.

In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping presented a four-point proposal to end the Israeli-PA conflict and establish an independent Palestinian state.

The four points are: Advancing a two-state solution based on the pre-1967 borders with eastern Jerusalem as the capital of a new Palestinian state; Upholding “the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security,” immediately ending Israeli settlement building, taking immediate measures to prevent violence against civilians, and calling for an early resumption of peace talks; Coordinating international efforts to put forward “peace-promoting measures that entail joint participation at an early date”; and promoting peace through development and cooperation between the PA and Israel.

He later reaffirmed China's support of a two-state solution, with an independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state, bounded by the pre-1967 borders and with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

The Israel-PA peace process has been dormant in recent years, after the Obama Administration in the US failed to broker a peace agreement in 2014, when the PA unilaterally applied to join international organizations in breach of the conditions of the talks.

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