In recent years, many great and prominent rabbis have participated in the practice sacrifice of the Passover offering at the foot of the Temple Mount. Among them are Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Aryeh Stern, Rabbi Benayahu Bruner, Rabbi Yaakov Medan, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, and more.

Due to the health situation, this year authorities have limited the number of participants in the ceremony as well as the number of onlookers. As a result, the ceremony will be broadcast live this year.

The Paschal Sacrifice is the offering which the Torah mandates all Jews offer on the eve of Passover. The sacrifice consisted of a male year-old goat or lamb, which had to be fire-roasted and consumed in Jerusalem during the Passover Seder. The practice ended with the destruction of the Second Temple, and religious Jews pray each year for the rebuilding of the Temple and the resumption of the Paschal offering.

Today, only the Samaritan sect continues to offer the Passover sacrifice.