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In the past, ketchup fans had little to cheer for every year when Passover rolled around. Kosher for Passover ketchups were universally known for not living up to the high standards ketchup connoisseurs have set for their favorite condiment.

Now, ketchup fans can breath a deep sigh of relief. Heinz Ketchup has announced that it is producing a Kosher for Passover version of its signature ketchup.

And you can bet it is likely to be a popular staple on seder tables across the Jewish world come Passover.

The lack of a high quality Kosher for Passover ketchup was such a scandal for condiment fans that it even led to a petition on which read, “Enough is enough, It’s time for Heinz to make a Kosher for Passover Ketchup.”

It sounds like the higher ups at Heinz were listening because Jewish ketchup epicures now have their wish.

Heinz was famously part of an Israeli ketchup controversy in 2015 when rival ketchup producer Osem succeeded in a bid to force Heinz to relabel itself as “tomato seasoning" for its Israeli products. Osem had argued in court that Heinz did not meet minimum requirements for the amount of tomatoes to be called “ketchup.”