Ambassador Erdan
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Israel’s Ambassador to the United States and United Nations Gilad Erdan was proud to celebrate International Water Day on Monday (3/22) by hosting an event highlighting innovative water reuse technologies. The Embassy of Israel to the United States collaborated with Tel Aviv University, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Tal-Ya Agricultural Solutions and Aqwise.

The event featured special remarks from Ambassador Gilad Erdan as well as Professor Dror Avisar, Head of the Tel Aviv University Water Research center. Other speakers included Dr. Sharon Nappier, National Program Leader for Water Reuse at the EPA, Oded Distel, CEO of Tal-Ya Agricultural Solutions and Eytan Levy, CEO of Aqwise.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Gilad Erdan highlighted the importance of the cooperation between Israel and the United States on environmental issues in general and specifically water innovation: “Israel has become the world leader in water reuse, recycling almost 90% of its water. We truly know the value of every drop. And just as water knows no borders, Israeli innovation is improving access to water across borders and continents. As I told Special Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry during our recent conversation, Israel stands ready to share our knowledge and expertise with the United States, in any way we can. I deeply believe that together, the US and Israel can combat climate change. Together we can advance the vision of a net-zero economy. And together we can promote sustainable development in the fields of water, energy, and many other sectors. Expanding such cooperation will be one of my key priorities as Ambassador.”

Dr. Sharon Nappier, National Program Leader for Water Reuse at the EPA: “Water reuse—considered as part of an integrated planning approach—can improve the security, sustainability, and resilience of our most precious resource: water. I’m excited by the important work the WRAP collaborative is doing to ensure water reuse is accessible, straightforward to implement, and sensitive to climate and environmental justice considerations.”

Israel is a leader in innovative water initiatives and recycling technologies. With over 90% of its wastewater being recycled and reused, Israel is leading the world in finding sustainable water practices and showcasing its technologies internationally.

Professor Dror Avisar Head of Hydrochemistry Research Group at Tel Aviv University said: “Israel is a significant world leader in the use of recycled sewage water for agricultural irrigation. As a result Israel actually serves as a ‘living laboratory’ and an example for the whole world. Therefore, we, the water scientists, must push our scientific achievements to the extreme. We must research in depth, provide answers, and develop unique and innovative technologies in order to further improve the quality of effluent water.”

Living in a desert landscape, Israel has limited water resources and is constantly inventing new ways to conserve and use water. Through the desalination process, Israel has made the desert bloom. The government of Israel has invested millions of dollars in developing eco-friendly water practices and encourages startups and companies to search for new solutions.

According to Oded Distel, CEO of Tal-Ya Agricultural Solutions, finding new solutions will require “wide partnership and multi stakeholders’ cooperation.”

Eytan Levy, CEO of Aqwise added: “As the global leader in water reuse, there are many Israeli technology companies offering efficient solutions for water reuse. Those companies form an excellent basis for collaboration between US and Israel.”

Ambassador Erdan highlighted during the event how climate change, water shortages and other global challenges provide an opportunity for such cooperation which will benefit Israel, the United States, and other countries who are impacted by these issues: “I look forward to working together to strengthen water security, health and resilience, for communities throughout our countries, across the Middle East, and around the world.”