Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Liron Moldovan/POOL/Flash90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the religious Zionist community in an interview with Makor Rishon Sunday morning.

"Religious Zionists remind me of people who receive one blow and return for another blow. The one who now cares about religious Zionism is the Likud, and also the Religious Zionism Party," Netanyahu said.

"Bennett will be in my government in a respectable position, but the one who has maintained their budgets now is me and my friends in the Likud. The religious Zionist sector is not just close to us, it is part of us. We embrace the same values ​​and work for the same goals. And there is no prime minister who, like me, has withstood great pressures and stopped displacements and evictions in Judea and Samaria," he said.

On the issue of sovereignty he said, "Who raised the issue of sovereignty at all? I raised it. But I said in advance - and I say this as a leader who understands world policy - this thing can be done only with the support of the American president."

Netanyahu pledged to evacuate the illegal Bedouin community of Khan al Amar. "It will be evacuated. I am withholding reasons for waiting for now. But what about the settlements we established? Amichai, Har Homa - which stopped the suffocation of Jerusalem, Givat Hamatos, which created a belt with Har Homa, with 100,000 residents."

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