The attack on the bus
The attack on the busFrom Twitter

An employee at the Kol Hai radio station on Sunday morning was attacked as he traveled on a bus in central Israel.

An unidentified person approached him and told him, "Because of you people, the Corona came."

The man proceeded to hit the radio employee in the stomach, causing the employee's nose to bleed.

"A young man approached him, told him because of you there was corona and punched him in the stomach," Ephraim David, editor of the Kol Chai website, told Arutz Sheva.

"He stands, tells him what do you think you're doing? Then he punched him in the face. He's bleeding now. There was a soldier there who tried to arrest this guy but apparently without success," he added.

"Right now we are trying to check that he is OK and after that the radio station will try to do everything possible. File a complaint with the police and everything that is necessary," said Ephraim David.