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Sadly, it’s time for divorce. The prominent “Conservative” American synagogue I have worshiped at for over thirty years is basically gone, replaced by a new institution with Jews worshiping a new and very deformed religion. It’s the same across the street in the mainline Methodist church. It’s the same at thousands of non- Orthodox temples and churches across this land. In essence these institutions now present a view of God, reality, morals and truth quite disconnected from the core values and views that undergirded the Judeo-Christian West and America.

My fellow Jews, in general, in these places have replaced Moses and Madison with Marx and Bernie, truth with untruth, goodness with bad, order with chaos. It is a replacement with a new religion and vision with multiple names - Leftism, liberalism, “progressivism”, neo- Marxism, post modernism. The replacement has infected and subsumed most major institutions in this country including our Democrat Party, public schools and universities, the mainstream media, the arts and social media. They have converted, are all onboard.

They tell us they have now “woke” from their previous mental befuddlement and slumber provided to us from the past, from folks like Moses and Washington, Jesus and Jefferson. . They now know traditional Bible -based, Constitution-based America, traditional Judaism and Christianity created a benighted America, a terrible Judaism, a foul Christianity.

Burn it all down baby they say. Indeed.

At this point I fear nothing I or anyone may say or argue can bring us back to the precious America, synagogues, churches, schools and Democrat Party we have known. Nothing can bridge the gap. There is no “unity” available in such fundamentally different ways of looking at the world. It seems we must part ways, divorce, and each side look to try to lead our lives with others who share our world views and religion in a land occupied by people embracing two completely different perspectives on life.

It will be a great challenge living divorced but still living in the same house. If we don’t find a way, history tells us things usually get very ugly.

Whereas these institutions used to be populated by Americans standing high and proud for God, country, truth, family, Bible, and liberty, now the embrace of Leftism has turned it all on its head. Almost every normal and beautiful aspect of our American Judeo-Christian culture, honed and built over millennia has been placed into the vortex of a toxic world view--the raw, dark nihilism of the Left. And our elites, especially our most “educated” Jews, Christians and secular citizens embrace it; cheer it on.

What remains in these core institutions has little to do with Judaism, Christianity or Americanism. Here are a few of many examples.

Racism and Identity Politics: Our synagogues were once places we learned each man is made in the image of God. No more. Now we learn from the Jewish Left to embrace the illiberal and Anti-American notion of identity politics and raw racism. We learn to see the world not as precious individuals in their own right, but as members of groups- white, black, gay, straight, male, female, Latino, etc. A local Rabbi , for example, just delighted last week about the notion that Joe Biden has lots of blacks, women, gays, Latinos in his administration. Really? What has that got to do with Judaism and the fundamental notion “all men are created equal?”

In these Leftist synagogues we now kvel (delight) in sending our kids to Yale, Penn or Berkeley where God awful racist activities abound like “black dorms”, “black graduation ceremonies” and $200,000 a year Deans of Racism counting every molecule of skin pigment in student or professorial applicants.

We continue to fund these awful public schools berating our children for their “white privilege” . Who cares if the person has much melanin in his skin , has testes rather than ovaries. Here in America, in Judaism, we reject such foul ideas; we care about merit, behavior, values - not ovaries , ethnic backgrounds, and skin pigment. How low we have sunk.

Gratitude: America and Judaism were once bastions of happiness creation and this happiness was directly related to gratitude for God, country, family and material bounty. Now we learn from the Jewish, Christian and atheist Left Olympic-level of ingratitude. Our kids get degrees in ingratitude from their $200,000 dollar “educations” at Yale and Columbia, Brown and Michigan. America, our history, our people, our Constitution, our founders, our religious foundations, and our capitalism all “suck”; all need tearing down to be replaced by the glorious utopia of the Leftist iron-fisted radically secular State.

Order and Distinctions: Our culture is founded on the notion of a good and judging God creating order and distinction out of chaos. The Jewish and Christian Left now rejects that. For example, now there is no such thing as the distinction of male and female. Now there are dozens of genders. Now we have the moronic question asked of us - what gender were you assigned at birth?

Now family life is thrown into the swirl of chaos with the Left telling us there is no order or ideal in marriage and family construction - no need for a Mom and Dad, husband and wife - only love in whatever form one may imagine. Now we have Rabbis and Pastors buying into the chaos by signing their names with “he/him/his” to let us know that tomorrow, depending on his/him/ or he’s mood it may flip to nonbinary/still questioning/ or on the cusp.

Truth: Just look at the wreckage the Left is making with the simple but ultra-vital notion of truth. It’s destroying the minds of a whole generation. We are now told there is no such thing as objective truth, no truths good for all times and all places. All is just subjective and ever changing. The fool Bill Gates just announced he supports the leaders of education in Oregon who announced the notion of objective truth in math is dead because it’s simply a form of white patriarchy. Now 2+2 is considered racist by these lost Leftist souls.

Now, large numbers of our kids in public schools will be bathed in the lies of the NYTimes 1619 Project – a project to help them learn to hate America. The truth or falsity of the project is of no concern to the Left - because there is no such notion-only narrative is of concern. And for the Left, the story is, AmeriKa stinks.

Free Speech: What could be more basic to freedom than free speech? But our Leftist slave masters, our new Inquisitors, are now shutting us up, having us fired, boycotted, banned, de-platformed, and de- monetized if we speak against the dogma of the new religion and poisonous reality of the Left.

Abortion: What could be more fundamental to a liberal, decent, moral and civilized Jewish or American society than protecting and caring for the most vulnerable and innocent of people- our unborn boys and girls. But no. The American “progressive” Left “shouts out” their abortions. They perversely deny the scientific and moral truths that these children are real, living people, human beings, not some mere collection of cells or a “woman’s right to choose”.

Guns: The typical man of the Left at synagogue now looks aghast at any Jew showing interest in keeping or carrying a gun. It’s beyond bewildering to me. Six million of our unarmed brothers and sisters lie as ash, murdered by barbarians of the large tyrannical Nazi State - not given the slightest chance to fight back. Jews in particular should be lined up each July 4th in front of the National Archives to give thanks for that glorious 2nd Amendment which keeps them free and such tyranny and barbarism at bay.

Punishment: The only law found in all five books of the Jewish Bible, is that of support for capital punishment for intentional murder, albeit after very stringent investigation and supervision to be certain of guilt. But, for the Jewish Left, this sublime law, which, in essence, teaches and undergirds the idea that human life is the most precious thing of all, this value is now out. Now the man of the Left considers it sublime, progressive, compassionate and civilized to keep all murderers alive. Basic morality is flipped on its head.

Socialism: Our mainstream synagogues and churches are now awash with people and clergy in love with socialism - one of the most degrading, destructive and impoverishing economic systems developed in history. They vote for the young socialist fool AOC and old one Joe. They joyful send their kids off to our standard university professors who now laud Marx, Mao, Fidel and Chavez and denigrate the likes of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman.

Tens of millions of Americans buy this, have been brainwashed by their schools and our Leftist propaganda organs, our American Pravda, called the mainstream media - all marching lock step to the drum beat of this new religion of Leftism.

It’s disheartening beyond measure to realize the once great bastions against this, most of our non-Orthodox American synagogues, churches, and schools, have bought into this vile ideology as well. It’s time to disengage, divorce from them because there is no common ground between liberty, morality,order and tyranny, immorality and chaos - only an unbridgeable chasm.

Howard Sachs is an American citizen, husband, father and passionate supporter of Israel. He takes Judaism , American, and Western values very seriously. He sees one of the largest threats to America, Israel and Europe in the ideology of Leftism. His opinions have been published in a number of newspapers and websites.