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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) distanced itself from claims that the Abraham Accords were a prop to aid Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the upcoming election, CNN reported.

"The UAE signed the Accords for the hope and opportunities they provide our people, not individual leaders," an Emirati official told CNN. "Personalizing and politicizing the Accords in this way demeans the historic achievement. The UAE will not go down that road."

On Wednesday, UAE presidential adviser and outgoing Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash tweeted: "The purpose of the Abrahamic Accords is to provide a robust strategic foundation to foster peace and prosperity with the State of Israel and in the wider region. The UAE will not be a part in any internal electioneering in Israel, now or ever."

      Recently, Netanyahu has used his diplomatic success and recent international agreements to encourage Israelis to support him in Tuesday's elections.

      Earlier this week, UAE leaders expressed surprise at Netanyahu's announcement that the UAE would invest $3 billion in the Jewish State, since they had not intended for the news to be published at this time.

      At the time, a senior UAE official said: "We made an agreement with Israel as a state, we made an agreement with Israel as a people. We did not make an agreement with a specific person."

      Last week, Netanyahu's planned visit to the UAE was canceled, after Jordan refused to allow Netanyahu to fly over its airspace.

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