Administering the coronavirus vaccine (illustrative)
Administering the coronavirus vaccine (illustrative) Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Oxford University said existing vaccines should provide protection against the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus, Sky News reported.

In a tweet, Sky News journalist Scott Beasley wrote: "BREAK: University of Oxford says existing vaccines may protect against the Brazilian variant."

"Importantly in good news - it thinks the P1 Brazilian strain may be LESS resistant to antibodies than first feared."

The new study, conducted by the University of Oxford, examined the impact of both natural and vaccine-induced antibodies on the various coronavirus strains currently in existence.

According to the study, "These data suggest that natural- and vaccine-induced antibodies can still neutralize these variants, but at lower levels. Importantly, the P1 'Brazilian' strain may be less resistant to these antibodies than first feared."

Earlier this month, a study showed that the protection provided by the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against the P1 strain is "roughly equivalent" to the protection it provides against a previous, less contagious, version of the virus from last year.

Another study, conducted by a UK-Brazilian research team hailing from Oxford university, Imperial College London, and the University of São Paulo, found that found that the Brazilian variant was "able to evade 25-61 per cent of protective immunity elicited by previous infection."