Mohammed bin Zayed
Mohammed bin Zayed Reuters

The United Arab Emirates is angry with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and does not intend to host them in Abu Dhabi before the Israeli elections next week.

According to a report by Kan News, the leaders of the Gulf nation were surprised by Netanyahu's announcement that the UAE would invest $10 billion in the Jewish State and had not intended for the news to be published at this time.

A senior UAE official said: "We made an agreement with Israel as a state, we made an agreement with Israel as a people. We did not make an agreement with a specific person."

The UAE is accusing Netanyahu of portraying Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed as taking part in his election campaign.

Abu Dhabi explained that the investment of billions in Israel is in the initial stages of examination and no money has yet been allocated for the matter.

Industry and Technology Minister Sultan Jaber said, "We are at a very early stage in examining Israeli laws and policies regarding foreign investment and we are examining what agreements need to be signed to protect our investments."

"We are in the very initial stages and there are many issues that need to be examined before we make investments in Israel," Jaber said in a statement.

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