Preparing to ship matzah to Jews around Europe
Preparing to ship matzah to Jews around Europe European Rabbinical Center

The Rabbinical Center of Europe (RCE) and the European Jewish Association (EJA) completed one of the most complicated logistical operations they have conducted in the past year, distributing matzah (unleavened bread eaten on Passover) to hundreds of communities across Europe.

The logistical operation was conducted under the supervision of the RCE's Deputy Director General, Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker, who toiled and orchestrated the data in order to ensure that the matzahs reached every city and town in Europe.

Rabbi Yehuda Reichman, head of the BASSAD organization cooperated and executed the project with great devotion.

The matzahs were distributed to over 560 European Jewish communities. The kits were delivered to rabbis and community leaders who will distribute them just before the Pesach (Passover) holiday. Each kit was professionally wrapped and packaged to prevent the matzahs from cracking before reaching their

This particular operation had a goal of ensuring kezayit-size (olives' bulk) hand-made shmurah matzah (higher-standard matzah) to reach all Jews in the various communities of Europe. In order to expand the distribution of matzah and reach as wide an audience as possible, the RCE and the EJA in cooperation n with the BASSAD organization produced a customized package for the matzah. The new and innovative pack presents a fantastic solution for rabbis and their communities, ensuring that the mitzva (commandment) of eating a kezayit of shmurah matzah become accessible.

In order to guarantee that the matzahs reach their destination albeit the border lockdown throughout Europe, Rabbi Bainhaker, together with local rabbis, dealt with government officials in the various countries, explaining the importance for every Jew to eat matzah for one whole week. The great effort paid off and all the countries approved the import of matzah to their territory in closed and sealed packages, despite the pandemic rage.

This is not the first logistical operation conducted by the Rabbinical Centre of Europe together with Rabbi Reichman of the BASSAD organization. Before Sukkot (the Holiday of Tabernacles) and Hanukkah this past year, the organization helped distribute the Four Species and menorahs across Europe, reaching hundreds of families.

Chairman of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe and the European Jewish Association Rabbi Menachem Margolin said: "Due to high public demand for matzah, it was decided that despite the heavy expenses involved, an effort would be made to supply any quantity of matzah that would be required to the
various countries, ensuring that there would be matzah everywhere."

The Director General of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe, Rabbi Arie Goldberg, stated that the RCE has set for itself the goal of not overlooking any Jewish community in Europe, emphasizing the great effort invested in the logistic details.

"Despite the shipping complications during this complex period, many efforts have been made to reach all places on the continent and even to the most remote places," he said, adding that tens of thousands of kezayit shmurah matzah packages have already arrived and will be distributed to anyone requesting it in Europe.

"Recruiting the RCE staff together with the community rabbis guaranteed the success of the complex operation. Matzah kits have already arrived at the various communities and is very much appreciated," he said.

In addition, a special kit has been distributed for the children of the communities, enabling rabbis and rebbetzins to teach the children about the mitzvot (commandments) of Pesach, beginning from general observance of Pesach mitzvot, and expanding to include the practical details of each mitzvah.

Shmurah matzah
Shmurah matzah European Rabbinical Center.

Preparing to ship matzah to Jewish communities around Europe
Preparing to ship matzah to Jewish communities around Europe European Rabbinical Center.