Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett hinted in an interview with Channel 12 News on Tuesday that he would work to form a right-wing government together with Binyamin Netanyahu and Gideon Sa’ar.

"I'm not enslaved to 'anyone but Bibi,' I'm not enslaved to 'only Bibi.' I am enslaved to only one thing: Taking the seats the public will give me so as not to go to a fifth election. A fifth election means that Bibi and Miri Regev will be happy that she will still be a minister until the age of 80," said Bennett.

"Being Prime Minister is not the issue, but rather to establish a government that is right-wing, that is broad, stable and comes to work. The government today is not functioning."

Bennett stressed once again that he will not sit in a government headed by Yair Lapid and called Netanyahu's attacks against him a "spin."

"Bibi goes around all week and says 'Bennett will form a left-wing government.' So let me tell you one something interesting: First of all I am right-wing and there are 80 seats on the right and 30 on the left, so it is clear that I will only sit in a government headed by the right, and Lapid is the head of the left with 30 seats. That's why I stress the fact that I will not sit in a government under Lapid. I've said it a thousand times and Bibi continues the spin,” said Bennett.

When asked how he plans to form a right-wing government, he explained he intends to be "the responsible adult the day after the election."

"I'm going to say, 'Guys, we are forming a right-wing government'. We are ready to have partners who are in favor of a Jewish and democratic state and approve tax cuts," said Bennett.

"My job will be to talk people off the ledge," Bennett clarified. "I will come to Gideon [Sa’ar] and I will tell him, 'I understand what you are saying - let's join together. Let's create a broad government.' In the end the public will decide."