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On Sunday, the Chief Justice of South Africa reiterated that he will not back down from comments made previously in which he spoke of his "love" for Israel and attacked his country's antagonistic behaviour toward the Jewish State.

On March 5, the South African Judicial Conduct Committee (JCC), which investigates complaints made against judges, conducted an investigation into Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng's pro-Israel statements which were said during an online conference in June 2020 where other speakers included South Africa's Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein.

The JCC ruled that Mogoeng was guilty of four counts of misconduct, and that he must publicly apologize for his pro-Israel beliefs.

During the talk with Rabbi Goldstein in which the judge spoke of his support for Israel, Mogoeng criticized South Africa's government for its hypocrisy in continuing to have ties with the country's former colonial rulers while maligning Israel and falsely accusing it of being an "apartheid state."

Mogoeng is appealing the ruling by the JCC. He said during a recent virtual Thanksgiving service that his statements, which also spoke of working for peace in the Middle East, did not contradict any South African government policies.

“If I get to the point where there is a judgment that says ‘Mogoeng you must say you hate Israel and the Jews’ I would rather cease to be chief justice, than to do it. If I get to the point where they say ‘Mogoeng you must say you hate the Palestinians, and Palestine’ I would rather cease to be chief justice than to do it, because my God has instructed me to love and not to hate,” he said.